All of you are welcome to our business. We want to warmly greet all of our customers who give us the chance to realize important projects. Our mission is to face every day new challenges and to put the best engagement to solve each problem.

Description of our business

IMPRESERVICE Co. has been working for many years in transport infrastructures world (roadway, highway and railway).
IMPRESERVICE’s activity embraces two main areas:

  • R&D, manufacture and laying of joints on bridges and viaducts
  • Tunnelling : study and manufacture of accessories for precast segments

Always in touch

If you want to contact us by e-mail you can do at

If you want to talk with a technician or have information about our products and their technique cards, please, send an e-mail or phone the number +39 049 9004646 to talk with our referrent, Mr Marco Barbieri.
You can also ask for a promotional Cd of our business.

Good work to you all.

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